A warning to protect you (and your wallet!) from scammers

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

By Victoria Fuller

Everybody knows how the saying goes, when someone copies us we are told from a young age that we should be flattered, it just means they wish they were more like us! However sometimes copycats can have an ulterior motive, and unfortunately we have noticed recently that more and more of these “flatterers” have been stealing our images, copy, and overall branding to sell poorly-made imitations of our products.

We don’t generally like to smear our competitors (we like to think that our product is beautiful, sustainable, well-made, and authentic enough that we don’t have to!), but unfortunately some of the less-honest companies out there have forced our hand and we just wanted to shed some light on the fact that the following companies (unfortunately among many others) are in no way affiliated with our product, our designs, or anything to do with us, and also the majority of them are advertising products that they have no intention of actually delivering or providing at an absurdly discounted rate in order to trick people into parting with their hard earned money:

  1. Craftsmanbuy
  2. Inscrutable
  3. Antediluvian-oline
  4. Possibles-UK
  5. Diverses-oline
  6. Ncxtra.shop
  7. Xapowe
  8. Lucas Garden
  9. Nocturnw.shop
  10. Toytreasury.shop
  11. Dewicth.com
  12. Sportstop.shop
  13. Naizain.com
  14. Feishirley.com
  15. Senhigher
  16. Rukiom.store
  17. Celiba Garden Wholesale
  18. Moonhamd
  19. Botuye Wholesale
  20. Ramnray
  21. Pickover.shop 
  22. Skyybiz.com
  23. Ucobree
  24. Damdpe.top
  25. Planterbeds.com
  26. Jiopean.com
  27. Fitnessfind.shop
  28. Phreod
  29. Multiplig
  30. Refinedselect
  31. EilleHomeGarden
  32. FloralFantasies
  33. Ycanimanageronmi.com
  34. Celia
  35. Yurvash
  36. Fandenl
  37. Fadenal
  38. Rihansesi
  39. Candolos
  40. Gamegalore
  41. Mariranodo
  42. Shopping Nest
  43. Thymal B
  44. Vivereana Shop

With a list this bizarre, 44 seemed like the perfectly random number to stop listing these companies, but unfortunately this list could potentially be endless.

So please be wary and vigilant when making purchases online, remember that some people are only out to make a quick buck and do not have your best interests in mind! Also always remember that if something seems too good to be true it almost certainly is, if a company is stating that you can get 4 raised wooden garden beds for $29.99 with free delivery it is simply a scam.

One closing thought for this uncharacteristically negative blog post: try to shop local whenever possible! Obviously everybody wants a bargain, and the reality of the matter is that often buying locally crafted and sourced items is a little bit pricier than buying mass-produced goods from overseas, but shopping local also often comes with more of a guarantee of customer service and authentic goods! Just some food for thought while you are making your garden-related purchasing this year!

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