Are Cedar Planters Good for My Plants?

Why Cedar Planters are the Ultimate Plant Choice:

Let's face it, plant lovers, choosing the right garden bed is just as important as picking the perfect plant. After all, happy roots lead to happy blooms, bountiful harvests, a thriving garden, and a HAPPY YOU! Here at Cedar Planters, we're strong believers in the power of our cedar planters, and for good reason! So, grab your watering can and settle in as we explore why cedar makes the ideal material for your plants.

But… Like… We Have an Advantage!

Mother Nature really outdid herself with cedar. Western red cedar, the kind we use at Cedar Planters, possesses a distinct internal structure that resists rotting and decaying. This obviously allows for a longer lifespan of your planter, meaning your plants get to enjoy a stable and healthy home for years to come. Unlike some other materials that succumb quickly to the elements, cedar offers a shelter that weathers the storms (literally) so your precious greenery can flourish.

Drainage Done Right:

Proper drainage is essential for happy plants. Imagine your poor roots sitting in a soggy mess –– not exactly what you’re looking for for your plants. Cedar planters come to the rescue with built-in drainage bases that allow excess water to escape, preventing root rot and ensuring the roots of your plants can breathe easily. It's like giving them a breathable-airy pair of shoes for their root system!

Let’s Talk About Tannins, Myth vs. Reality:

There's a misconception floating around about cedar and tannins. While it's true that cedar contains tannins, these are primarily concentrated in the wood. The good news is that the drying process significantly reduces the tannin content. Even the minimal amount remaining poses no threat to your plants. These tannins are perfectly safe for food-grade applications and won't affect the taste or health of your homegrown fruits and vegetables. More importantly, the free protective liner we include acts as a double barrier, further preventing any potential tannin leaching into the soil. So, you can rest assured that your plants are growing in a safe and healthy environment, free from tannin concerns.

More Than Just A Pretty Face!

Cedar planters offer so many benefits that go beyond the essentials. They’re lightweight and easy to move around your garden or patio before you fill them with soil (because trust me, a full planter is a workout!). –– BUT no more back-breaking struggles when gardening! Plus, the natural insulating properties of cedar help regulate soil temperature, creating a more comfortable environment for your plants, especially during fluctuating weather.

Cannot Compare to Others!

Now, let's compare cedar planters to their competitors. Plastic planters, while lightweight and affordable, can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and often crack under extreme temperatures. Clay pots offer good drainage but are heavy and prone to breakage. Terracotta provides breathability but can dry out soil quickly and is also susceptible to cracking. While metal containers can be sleek, they can also get extremely hot in the sun, baking the roots of your plants. Not exactly a recipe for happy greenery. Cedar planters, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds: natural beauty, rot resistance, excellent drainage, and a lightweight design that's gentle on your back.

The Final Word- Happy Plants, Guaranteed:

When it comes to creating a nurturing environment for your plants, cedar planters stand out from the crowd. Their natural properties, combined with our thoughtful design features like built-in drainage and protective liners, make them the perfect choice for any gardener. So, ditch the worries about rot, drainage woes, and harmful chemicals.  With a cedar planter, you can focus on what truly matters: watching your plants thrive and your garden flourish.

Ready to experience the cedar difference? Head over to “Shop All” here on our website menu and browse our selection of beautiful cedar planters and raised garden beds. Happy planting!

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