Decorating your Garden Bed for Fall & Thanksgiving

By Victoria Fuller

It’s Fall Y’all! Wherever you call home chances are the leaves are a gorgeous shade of orangey-brown and the holiday season is right around the corner! Now this may seem like the worst possible time to consider starting a garden adventure as plants generally don’t love dipping temperatures (who knew?!) but we here at Cedar Planters respectfully disagree! Perhaps you’re in America and Thanksgiving is next week, or perhaps you’re in Canada and you want to make the most of the stunning colours surrounding us! Wherever you are in the world we want to encourage you to make the most of your garden and start embracing the season!

It’s not too late!

If you are lucky enough to live in a region with year-round gardening conditions (here’s looking at you USDA zones 6 and above…for the most part!) then this section doesn’t really apply to you as you can “dig in” year-round, but for those of us who live in chillier climates you shouldn’t give up just yet! Here are a few year-round Fall-esque (yes, that’s a word) plants that you can add to your raised garden bed to embrace the season:


These gorgeous hardy shrubs are known to survive year after year in even the coldest climates. They only require partial sun, can be grown in a raised garden bed and can be guided into fun shapes! If you are feeling extra ambitious you could attempt to trim a boxwood into a Thanksgiving Turkey, just imagine the neighborhood clout! Check out this awesome link here for some more information on how to grow your own Boxwoods!


These beautiful (and almost tropical looking!) plants are incredibly hardy and will give you a few beautiful weeks of blooming leaves before dying back over the Winter, but don’t worry! They take care of themselves and will be back in the Spring with approximately zero effort from you! Hostas require partial shade and well-drained soil, but aside from that they’re incredibly non-fussy! Check out this brilliant link here for some tips on how to grow your own Hostas!


At this point in the season most garden centers will be selling mums at a discounted rate as it’s true that their most vibrant and blooming days are behind them, but that’s not to say there isn’t still some joy to be had by popping some mums still in their original pots directly into your raised garden bed! Talk about an easy and beautiful solution!

Additional Fall Decor Ideas

If gardening isn’t really on your radar anymore but you still want to have a beautiful front porch to impress your guests for Thanksgiving then we would highly recommend picking up some reusable outdoor decor at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or your local superstore! Artificial flowers and shrubs will add a pop of colour to your outdoor space all while taking approximately zero effort going forward, as you can see by our raised garden beds at our office in Burlington, Ontario we aren’t letting the cooler temperatures stop us from having a beautiful outdoor space! Plus your wallet will thank you as next year all you will have to do is take down the box marked “Fall-Esque Reusable Plants” from the attic and within 15 minutes your garden will be ready to go!

Our last little bit of decorating advice for Fall would be to make the most of any pumpkins that you may still have lying around! Arrange them amongst your other plants for a beautiful pop of seasonal colour! Here are some other awesome sites offering some beautiful Autumnal inspiration, for front porch ideas check out this link here by the fabulous "Crazy Laura" and for yard decor ideas check out "Prudent Penny Pinchers" ideas at this link here!

In conclusion: it’s never too late to have a beautiful outdoor space! Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time of year and it would be such a waste not to embrace the vibrancy of this season! We can’t wait to see the Fall and Thanksgiving set-ups you come up with using your Cedar Planters raised garden bed! Please feel free to send us your beautiful Autumnal photos over at or DM us on Instagram @cedarplanters.

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