Holiday Gift Ideas For The Gardener In Your Life!

By Victoria Fuller

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are right around the corner and you may find yourself racking your brain for gift ideas for all of the gardeners and plant lovers on your list, well look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Cedar Planters

Let’s start with arguably the best gift idea for any gardener: a Cedar Planters raised garden bed or planter box (biased? Us? no!). Seriously though, our products are the perfect gift for the novice gardener and the seasoned botanist alike!

Our raised beds are easy on the eyes and even easier on the back, and they are likely to last for upwards of 30 years so they truly are the gift that keeps on giving season after season. If you buy your gift recipient a raised garden bed this year, next year you could buy them a winter cover or a greenhouse cover so you would actually be ticking off your holiday shopping list for years to come! Plus imagine all of the money you are going to save them by providing them the vessel to grow their own nutritious food at home!

Some of our most popular options are the 48" raised garden bed as shown here!

And the 36" planter box as shown here!

Raised Garden Bed


When it comes to tools and pots most gardeners would agree that you can never have too many! Consider gifting your plant lover with a new tool belt, some beautiful gardening gloves in their favourite colour, some pretty ceramic pots, the list is truly endless here but we can guarantee these gifts will be well-received!

Watering Can


When it comes to buying books for the garden lover in your life you aren’t just limited to simple gardening guides. We would also recommend checking out garden planning books, garden journals, and even garden colouring books like this incredible one hereSometimes thinking outside the books is the best way to tackle gift giving!

Colouring Book


A beautiful pendant, brooch, or earring set with your gift recipient's favourite plant would be a beautiful nod to their hobby but in a more subtle (and sentimental!) way. Etsy has thousands of wonderful handcrafted options (some of which are made of *actual* foliage which is both stunning and a conversation starter!), here is a link to some incredible options!

Flower Accessories


There are plenty of small businesses, Etsy shops, and local gift shops that will be selling artwork of beautiful flowers, plants, and botanicals at this time of year! A thoughtful gift idea could be an art print of some flowers that symbolize a specific memory with a loved one, or perhaps a painting of somebody’s birth-month flower? The potential for this being a meaningful gift is infinite and year after year you could make it a tradition to help them grow their art collection!

Floral Painting


One thing that can be said about the plant-loving community: We are a proud bunch and most of us love talking about all things plants! There are a plethora of small businesses selling some incredible plant-loving merch (such as t-shirts, hats, gloves, cardigans, the list goes on and on!) that we think the gardener in your life would love! Check out some ideas here

Garden Hat


Now this may seem like the obvious option but we felt we had better mention it just in case! Buying your plant lover some seeds or a delightful starter plant can help keep them busy propagating through the Winter months so that by Spring they have a head-start for their garden!

Seed Packets

We hope these options have given you a few ideas and inspire you to get started on your holiday shopping! Comment below any other plant-related gift ideas that you would love to receive and please feel free to link any small businesses who make plant-themed items, we are always looking to support small businesses and shop locally whenever possible!

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