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September planting: it isn't too late to start gardening!

By Victoria Fuller

We all know the feeling: We see “September” looming at the top of the calendar and most of us think “well summer is basically over, that’s it for gardening then!” Well, we are here to tell you that this simply isn’t true! Yes it is true to say that the heat of summer is well and truly behind us at this point (although with this year’s unpredictable and outright bonkers weather whose to say if that’s even true?).

Today we are going to discuss some of the veggies and flowers that you can start to grow now that the little ones are back in school and you have a bit of extra time to dust off your gardening gloves.


This leafy salad staple is a fantastic veggie to plant in September as some varieties take as little as 30 days to grow! (although most take around 6-8 weeks so please keep that in mind!) You’ll be enjoying delicious autumnal salads in no time at all!


These gorgeous flowers are an iconic fall flower and they thrive in slightly cooler conditions so September is a fantastic time to get growing! Asters are also a perennial flower so if you plant them now there is a high chance that they will rebloom in the Springtime giving you a head-start on your 2024 garden.


These hearty root vegetables are known for their resilient ability to resist frosts and actually prefer cooler settings to the heat of summer. Radishes also only take 6-8 weeks to full mature so you can harvest them in time to make some delicious stews and soups throughout the fall and winter!


Arguably one of the most iconic fall flowers is the beautiful Chrysanthemum, however it should be noted that although these flowers can survive lower temperatures they really aren’t built for winter weather, so throughout the fall enjoy having them outdoors but then consider moving them indoors throughout the winter season!


Did you know that this pantry staple is incredibly easy to cultivate at home even if you yourself don’t have the greenest of thumbs? Growing peas is a great idea in the autumn as the plants will continue to grow until the day lengths are at their shortest (so ample time for pea-based fun!).


Did you know that Cyclamen can continue to bloom annually for up to 100 years? Now that’s a pretty impressive return on investment! These beautiful flowers thrive in the autumn and winter months as they prefer a shady environment, in fact they can even be taken indoors and live out their days as a houseplant!

We hope that this blog post has inspired you to keep gardening throughout September and beyond! There is no need to let the ever-so-slight dip in temperature stop you from continuing to practice a hobby that not only brings you joy but is also great for your physical and emotional wellbeing!

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