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Summer Maintenance For Your Cedar Planters Raised Garden Bed

By Victoria Fuller

We often get asked whether our raised garden beds and planter boxes require maintenance at this time of year so we wanted to share some tips on how to keep your Cedar Planters raised garden bed or planter box in tip top shape even in the heat of the summer!

1. Do I need to protect my planter box from the sun?

Our planter boxes are made with the highest quality Western Red Cedar, known for its ability to withstand a number of elements and potentially damaging rays from the sun. Although over time our wood sidings can fade, many of our customers have actually said that they prefer the shade of the “slightly weathered” look. Keeping your box in full-sun year round will eventually lead to the colour of the wood fading from the light orangey-brown shade that we start with to more of a light gray shade.

2. Should I replace my soil throughout the summer?

Our planter boxes and raised garden beds are fabulous for a number of reasons, but when it comes to keeping our soil (and plants!) happy they are truly the cats meow! The bottom of our garden beds have pre-drilled drainage holes so there is almost zero percent chance that your soil and plant roots will grow mold or rot, this means that there is a significantly lower chance that you will need to replace your soil! That being said, it is always a good idea to “refresh” and circulate your soil each season to ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients that they need to thrive!

3. Do I need to add a special stain to my planter box?

Our planter boxes are beautiful, sustainable, and tough without a stain, but if you are so inclined adding a stain is a fantastic way to not only prolong the quality and life of the product but also to make your planter box more your own! We personally stand by (and sell!) Osmo’s products as we feel that they work best with our planter boxes and raised garden beds! We personally highly recommend the UV protection oil, this multi-purpose oil protects against water and dirt as well as protecting against wood swelling and shrinkage!

4. Will my planter box rot if it gets too wet or humid?

Western Red Cedar is known for its durability and is able to withstand rot and decay for up to 30 years! That being said; if you live in an incredibly humid area it is worth investing in sealants (like Osmo’s) to ensure that your raised garden bed is as protected as can be!

5. Is it too late to start planting new flowers or vegetables this time of year?

August is often overlooked when it comes to gardening as most people fear that it’s too late to really grow anything worthwhile but that is certainly not true! There are many flowers, herbs, and vegetables which have a shorter growing season and also thrive more in cooler temperatures, these include (but aren’t limited to!): Snapdragons, Kale, Cucumbers, Black-Eyed Susans, Spinach, Radishes, and many more!

We hope that this blog post has been insightful for you, remember that it isn’t too late to start gardening or to continue tending to your existing garden! If you have any questions please feel free to email us at!

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