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Superbowl Garden Arrangements To Plant For The Big Day!

By Victoria Fuller

Whether you’re a San Francisco fan, a Kansas City fan, a Taylor Swift fan, or just a general gardening fan, then this blog post is for you! Today we are going to dive into some inspiration on how you can express your team spirit (or just propagate a beautiful red and white garden!) this season!

 Superbowl Game

February is an unconventional time of year to start planting a new garden, so we would recommend transplanting plants instead of attempting to grow from seed, and we would also always recommend double-checking that the plants on this list can survive in your region! (We don’t want any frozen plants on our conscience, we’d lose sleep!).

American Football Superbowl

Naturally based on the color schemes of the two teams vying for Sports biggest prize, our recommendations today are flowers and plants with a Red, White, or Both color scheme. We are also predominantly recommending plants that can thrive in chillier climates as it is February after all! So without further ado, here are our recommendations for some gardens that will get you in the mood for the big game!

Superbowl Themed Garden

San Francisco Fans

Those who live in San Francisco are blessed with a year-round gardening climate so most of these beautiful blooms cater to all-seasons, however if you are a 49ers fan who lives in a chillier state some of these options will still be suitable for you as well!

San Francisco Goldengate Bridge

Poppies (Red or White!)

These beautiful blooms are a fantastic option for 49ers fans as they not only come in a whole plethora of colors, but they are also the official State flower of California! Poppies tend to prefer warmer climates (so California is a perfect option for them) and they are known to bloom more when they get plenty of sun, be sure to water them regularly though to keep them bright and happy!

Red and White Poppies

Marigolds (Red or White!)

Marigolds are a fantastic option to grow in California as they absolutely love full sun, and are not too fussy when it comes to soil (providing it is not too acidic and is regularly watered!). When most people think of Marigolds they think of the typical vibrant Orange variety with a red center, but for 49ers fans you will be happy to hear that you can also grow Marigolds to have both Red and White petals! Score!

White Marigolds

Lilies (Red or White!)

These stunning flowers may seem intimidating to new gardeners but they are actually very easy to propagate! To grow your own 49ers-coloured lilies you can either grow them from bulbs or transplant them directly into your raised garden bed! Lilies like at least six hours of sun per day and need well-drained soil to thrive (so the Cedar Planters built-in drainage system in our Cedar Raised Beds is essential for your Lilies success!).

Red and White Lilies

If you’re looking for extra California Flower inspiration then check out this awesome blog post by EpicGardening with a list of some of the most popular flowers that are grown in and around the San Francisco Bay area as well as the entire state of California!

Kansas City Fans

Having a Kansas City Chiefs-themed raised garden bed year-round seems like a pretty safe bet at this point as they have made it to the Super Bowl several times in the last few seasons! Whether you are a die-hard fan or a Swiftie who just learned that Kansas City even has a football team last year then these plant options will be great for you!

Kansas City Landscape

Tulips (Red or White!)

If you planted bulbs in the Fall then you may still have a little bit waiting to do, but alternatively you could transplant some Tulips right here right now! These stunning flowers have become one of the unofficial flowers of Spring, and they are perfect for seasoned gardeners and novices alike! To keep your Tulips happy make sure they are planted in an area that receives at least six hours of sun per day and are planted in well-drained soil. A Cedar Planters raised garden bed or planter box would be the perfect solution for growing Tulips as you can position the garden bed in an optimal position for sunlight, and never have to worry about swamping your plants as they have a built-in drainage system!

Red and White Tulips

Zinnias (Red or White!)

These layered beauties will add some gorgeous texture and color to your garden! Zinnias are most commonly thought of in their Purple hues, but they also can be grown in White and Red shades to represent your Chiefs! Zinnias like full sun and prefer to be grown from seed as opposed to transplanted, so if you live in a chillier environment it may be best to wait until the post-season to start growing these gorgeous flowers, but at least you have some inspiration for the future!

Red and White Zinnias


Not necessarily sticking with the Red and White theme, Sunflowers are still a delightful option for Kansas City fans as they are the official State flower for Kansas! Plus if you start transplanting them now you can enjoy those tasty seeds for sporting events to come! Sunflowers can grow incredibly tall and with the clue being in the name - they love sunlight! We would recommend planting them alongside a fence or trellis in an area of the garden that receives full sun!

Sunflower Garden

If you’re looking for extra Kansas City Flower inspiration then check out this awesome blog post by the Gardening Dad with a list of some of the most popular flowers that are grown in and around the Kansas City area!

Cedar Planters Planter Box

We can't wait to see the beautiful Cedar Flower Boxes and gardens that you all design in order to showcase your team spirit! If you would like to have your garden featured on our page please feel free to comment below or send us a DM over on instagram @cedarplanters for a chance to be featured!

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