The Perks Of Using A Greenhouse Cover In The USA

By Victoria Fuller

Ahh Spring, we have almost made it through the snows and the frosts and it’s time to finally get outside and start gardening again! Except the looming possibility of a cold front is around every corner, we can’t even go and get our mail without the threat of a blizzard blowing us back indoors! This is where our good friends “greenhouse covers” come in!

Frozen Garden

Is A Greenhouse Cover right for me?

A Greenhouse Cover is a fantastic option for anybody looking to extend their growing season, maximize their chances of a successful home-grown vegetable harvest (especially if you are hoping to grow vegetables that tend to thrive in warmer environments such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, or lettuce) or grow plants that perhaps have a more tropical persuasion than the traditional options that we have here in several of our States.

Cedar Planters Greenhouse Cover

What is a Greenhouse Cover?

A Greenhouse Cover is like an insurance policy for your garden! When you live somewhere like The USA where the weather can be perfect for gardening one day and then resembling the Arctic Tundra the next, we need all of the reassurance we can get that we aren’t dooming our gardens to a frosty demise!

Cedar Planters Greenhouse Cover

Weather Protection

A Greenhouse Cover’s most obvious perk is its ability to protect your plants within your garden bed from the elements. Covers will protect against wind, snow, rain, and harmful UV rays! So you can rest easy knowing that the plants that you so carefully and tenderly grew from seeds are going to be safe and cared for outside! This extra level of protection is also a great way of regulating your soil temperatures (especially with a vegetable garden that may be a little more sensitive to bouts of extreme heat or cold!).

Greenhouse covers are also fantastic at helping to evenly distribute natural light amongst your plants, these cover’s don’t play favorites! The Cedar Planters Greenhouse Covers also have handy zipper-sides so you can have complete control over the air circulation to your plants as well!

Protect Your Garden From The Sun


Pest Protection

We’ve all been there: you nurture some plants all the way from seed to baby plant, transplant them outdoors so that they can thrive and reach their full potential, only to look out the window to be met with the sight of a squirrel eating the plant in one mouthful and staring deep in your soul with approximately zero remorse. Well not anymore! Greenhouse covers are a fantastic option for keeping animals and insects away from your beautiful garden while still looking beautiful (no unsightly cages or plastic structures here!).

Protect Your Garden From Pests

Water Protection

A heavy rainfall can be all it takes to wash away all of your progress and potential when it comes to your garden, but with a Greenhouse cover you don’t have to furrow your brow with concern every time it clouds over! Greenhouse covers are waterproof but feature handy zipper sides so you can easily water your plants the correct amount for them to thrive!

Protect Your Garden From Water

Greenhouse Capabilities

The main reason that most gardeners like to use a Greenhouse cover (or an entire full-blown Greenhouse if they have the space and inclination) is for the “microclimate” capabilities that it offers! With a Greenhouse cover you are able to control the temperature and humidity that you expose your plants to and this effectively extends your growing season to potentially a full calendar year!

Now one of the downsides to an actual Greenhouse structure is the expense, building an entire miniature glass house for the sole purpose of growing plants inside is certainly a flex (although it can detract from the visual appeal of your outdoor space), but it does come with a hefty price tag, and that’s not even including the cost of heating, lighting, maintaining and monitoring your investment. This is where Cedar Planters Greenhouse Covers come in! They are built with the dimensions of our Western Red Cedar raised garden beds and planter boxes in mind, and they don’t cost you any additional upkeep funding once you have made your initial purchase: win win!

Cedar Planters Greenhouse Cover

In certain Northern States we wouldn’t recommend using your Greenhouse cover to grow plants all year-round as we do have a tendency to plummet below zero for several months of the year, and no Greenhouse cover alive is going to help your plants survive through that, but a Greenhouse cover will absolutely extend your growing season by several months at either end of the traditional gardening season! You can start sowing your seeds earlier in the season and you can continue harvesting later in the year with the help of this handy dandy Garden superhero!


  • Anthony

    Just got the greenhouse…looks great. I am a total beginner and trying to understand when to just have the netting down vs the full cover? I assume something about how hot it is you just use the netting? Also if you fully close it, will the plants still get enough sun or will it be too hot? I am looking for some best practices to follow using the cover. I live in an area with wild life so I want to leave it partially covered (netting at all times) THANKS!
    Cedar Planters replied:
    Hi Anthony, Thanks for your question, happy to help! The cover is all about giving your plants the perfect environment. Sunlight is no problem – the cover is transparent, so they’ll get plenty even when closed. For heat, just watch the soil. If it’s hot and dry, water deeply and consider leaving the cover off during the day/warm nights. The cover also acts as a shield against pests, wildlife, and even frost! So, if those critters (or chilly weather) become an issue, don’t hesitate to use it fully. closed.

  • Barbara T

    can’t seem to figure out how to put this together – you should have a video for it
    Cedar Planters replied:
    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for your feedback. There is a manual with instructions in the box. However, I am sending you the link to the instruction manual here we well: We will take this into consideration your feedback and create a video on how to build it very soon.

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