Winter Flowers To Encourage In Your Garden

By Victoria Fuller

No matter where you live in the USA you will undoubtedly be experiencing the true wrath of Winter right now (and it is January so this is fair enough, really) and this can make for a very dull and uninspiring time for gardeners like us. However, where there’s a will there’s a way when it comes to brightening up your garden and sub-zero temperatures won’t stop us from making the most of our outdoor spaces!

Winter Garden Scene

So without further ado, here are our picks for “Winter Flowers to encourage in your garden” even when the snow is falling and it doesn’t feel like any flowers will ever bloom again (blue Monday anyone?):


These iconic yellow blooms present you with two gardening options at this time of year: you can transplant them as already-blooming flowers, or you can plant them as bulbs (if your soil is not currently frozen) ready to bloom in the Spring! These gorgeous flowers are known to bloom even when there is snow on the ground, and they have a reputation of being one of the hardiest flowers there is! In order to keep your Daffodils happy make sure to maintain a rich and moist soil (preferably with a pH of 6.0) and plant your flowers in an area of the garden with full sun.

Daffodils in Snow


These orange beauties aren’t as hardy as their yellow pals Daffodils, but that’s not to say they aren’t capable of putting on a beautiful display in the Winter months. In the Southern United States these gorgeous flowers can start blooming in late Winter, especially in warmer temperatures. Unfortunately if these flowers are buried under snow they can suffer a little bit but they can handle a little frost! Calendulas prefer well-drained soil so these would be best suited to your Cedar Planters raised garden bed with its built-in drainage system, this will also help protect your flowers against ground-frosts!

Calendulas in Snow

Lenten Roses

These lesser-known roses are part of the “Helleborus” genus, which lends them to be excellent Winter flowers! These gorgeous blooms have a variety of colors and are capable of breaking through the snow in late Winter time! Lenten Roses do not need full sun to thrive (but they do still need some sunlight!) and they prefer well-drained soil, so again these could be a great option to brighten up your raised garden bed!

Lenten Roses in Snow

Pussy Willows

If bright flowers aren’t really your style then we would recommend planting some fluffy Pussy Willows! These gorgeous flowers add a whimsical forest-like vibe to any Winter landscape, and although they aren’t particularly bright in color, their texture is a pleasing addition to any garden! Pussy Willows have been known to thrive in any well-drained soil that receives full-sun, they are also incredibly high growers with some plants being said to have reached heights of up to 25 feet!

Pussy Willows in Snow


When one thinks of Winter flowers, Primroses may subconsciously spring to mind, these flowers usually have a beautiful white or red petal with a bright yellow center. Primroses are not as hardy as some other Winter flowers, only blooming in late Winter and early Spring when the worst of the Winter weather is behind us, but if you live in a more moderate climate they are a fantastic addition to your garden. Primroses like moist, well-drained soil and like to be positioned in partial to full sun.

Primrose in Snow


These gorgeous fuchsia blooms tend to start blooming in late Autumn, but they often continue to bloom throughout Winter and they are known to take snow in their stride. These beautiful flowers have lovely heart-shaped petals and add a pop of bright color to any Winter garden. Cyclamens enjoy growing in partial to full-sun and enjoy rich well-drained soil so they would make another beautiful addition to your raised garden bed or planter box!

Cyclamen in Snow


Although the name implies that they may not be particularly hardy the truth is actually the opposite! Pansies are known for their hardiness and are more than capable of surviving frosts and adding a burst of color to a snowy landscape! Pansies enjoy partial to full-sun and also prefer rich well-drained soil. Pansies come in a massive spectrum of colors so having a raised garden bed devoted to Pansies is an incredible way of brightening up your Winter garden!

Pansies in Snow

With this wide range of flowers we are confident that there is something for everybody on this list, no matter your outdoor aesthetic! Which of these flowers has taken your eye? Are there any flowers on this list that you have already planted and are enjoying watching grow over the Winter season? Let us know in the comments section below as we always love talking all things “flowers”!

Cedar Planters Raised Garden Bed

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